SRNS Becomes a ‘Marquee’ Donor for Theatre Project

Dr. Carmicheal

Clif Webb of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions with Dean Ann Carmicheal


Thanks to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), the Carolina Theatre marquee will shine brightly on Allendale’s Main Street once theatre renovations are completed in 2011. SRNS, which is the management and operating contractor at the Savannah River Site, recently announced a $90,000 donation over the next three years to USC Salkehatchie for the theatre project. Their donation provides for a new marquee, sound system, and other interior finishings for this performance venue. “The company is very community oriented, and we feel like the arts are an important avenue for community engagement and involvement,” says Clif Webb, vice president of public affairs for SRNS. “We wanted a demonstrable way to show the community we are willing to invest in it, and we believe this theatre can serve as a beacon in the community.” The new marquee will bear the historic name of the Carolina Theatre, returning both the building and its former name to use. Work began on the building, owned by USC Salkehatchie’s Western Carolina Higher Education Commission, after a renovation grant was received from USDA Rural Development. Once complete, Carolina Theatre will serve as a home for the performing arts in Allendale County and one venue for the Salkehatchie Stew production. This multi-year commitment is not the first contribution SRNS has made in the local community, or to projects related to Salkehatchie. Since beginning operations at the site, SRNS has invested more than $1.6 million in the local community. Earlier this year, they contributed $7,000 for a specialty lighting system used during the touring Salkehatchie Stew performances. According to Webb, the Stew production had a profound impact on him, and the company believes strongly in the storytell-ing effort, and the change and community growth for which it stands. “I think it’s wonderful that SRNS is showing their support for community development and the arts,” says Anne Rice, executive director of the USC Salkehatchie Leadership Institute, which spearheads both the theatre and Salkehatchie Stew projects. “This will be a shining example of what a rural community can accomplish, when people are determined and have partner support.” Work is underway at the theatre, includ-ing various structural repairs and renova-tions. An opening date has not yet been set, but SRNS’ contribution is key to making opening night possible. “We look forward to opening night for Carolina Theatre, and celebrating with SRNS and all the other partners who have made this project possible,” says Dr. Ann Carmichael, dean of USC Salkehatchie. “This generous contribution from SRNS demonstrates the positive impact corporate partners can have in their communities. We are grateful for their commitment to this campus and our efforts.”