Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS) is a unique program that allows students at Salkehatchie and other USC Regional Campuses the opportunity to structure their baccalaureate degree.

I. GENERAL EDUCATION (44-50 hours)

CMW: Effective, Engaged and Persuasive Communication:  Writing (6) (grade of C or better)

ENGL 101
ENGL 102 CMW and INF: Info Literacy

GFL: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Communicating Effectively In More Than One Language: Foreign Language (0-9) (Demonstration of proficiency in one foreign language equivalent to minimal passing grade on exit exam in 122 course.)

ARP: Analytical Reasoning and Problem Solving (Any 6 hours): Any approved courses

SCI: Scientific Literacy (8): Any approved courses

AIU: Aesthetic and Interpretice Understanding: Fine Arts or Literature (3): Any approved courses

GHS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical Thinking (3): Any approved courses

CMS: Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Spoken Component (3)

SPCH 140

GSS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Science (3): Any approved courses

VSR: Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility(3): Any approved courses

PHIL 102: Introduction to Philosophy (3)

Additonal Arts and Sciences Electives (6) (Electives must inlude two disciplines.)


All grades must be a C or better

Required Courses (9)

PALM 493: SC Studies (3)

PALM 494: Internship (3)

UNIV P401P: Senior Capstone Experience (3)

Major Option (27)

All courses must be at the upper level with at least 15 hours at the 400 level or above.  All grades must be C or better.  A minimum of 12 hours is required in each of the two disciplines.  At least 15 hours must be USC courses.  No more than 12 hours of the major will be accepted in transfer.

Students select ONE of the following THREE options:

Social/Behavioral Sciences (Courses chosen from TWO disciplines: ANTH, CRJU*, ECON, GEOG, POLI, PSYC*, SOCY*)

Arts/Humanities (Courses chosen from TWO disciplines: ART, ENGL*, HIST*, PHIL, RELG, THEA, or languages)

Science/Mathematics (Courses chosen from TWO disciplines: ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, ENVR, GEOL, MSCI, MATH, PHYS, STAT)

COGNATE (12 hours)

The cognate is comprised of a discipline NOT included in the student’s major but philosophically/ontologically joined to it. Coursework must be at the 300 or above level in one of the following disciplines: ANTH, Art, Business, CRJU*, DANC, ECON, Education, ENGL*, GEOG, HIST*, Languages, MATH, PHIL, POLI, PSYC*, Physical or Biological Sciences, RELG, SOWK, SOCY*, THEA.  The cognate cannot be a discipline included in the student’s major. No more than 6 hours of transfer work may be applied to the cognate.

ELECTIVES (21 – 31 hours)

Sufficient elective credit to meet degree requirements of 120 hours. (Changes require campus advisor approval only.)