Archeological Dig at Pon Pon Chapel of Ease

Dr. Sarah Miller, Associate Professor of History and President of the Colleton County Historical and Preservation Society worked with Buddy Wingard of the Savannah River Archeological Research Program and Maggie Needham of Georgia Regents University investigating the Pon Pon Chapel ruins in Jacksonboro, SC.  The Pon Pon Chapel of Ease has been in ruins since the 1830s and is the property of the Colleton County Historical Society.  The use of Ground Penetrating Radar and a test dig without the walls of the church hoped to find the floor of the ruin.  Results are still under investigation, but several interesting artifacts were found including cut nails, a whiteware sherd and fragments of wood.

DNR Tour Highlights History

In May, Dr. Sarah Miller presented the historic importance of the Ashepoo River sea islands to a Department of Natural Resources tour group.  Much of the discussion highlighted the little known Battle of Fort Chapman in 1864.  Miscalculations resulted in the grounding of the USS Boston and its destruction.  The Confederates at Fort Chapman halted the Union march to destroy the Charleston-Savannah Railroad.  The lecture was followed by a boat tour of the area discussed including Fort Drayton, Hutchinson Island and Fort Chapman.