Emerging ScholarsFive students from Salkehatchie presented papers at the Second Annual Carolina Emerging Scholars Conference at USC Lancaster on May 18, 2013.

Accompanied by Dr. Sarah Miller, Abi Byrd, Sabrina Driggers, Marybeth McDonnell, Christine Rice and Nick Williams, presented works on the theme of Deathless Love.

Abi Byrd evaluated the love of country in “Uncle Ho: A Love Worth Dividing a Nation.”

Sabrina Driggers and Christine Rice looked at the effects of the love of family in “Undying Love for Family in the Yamassee War” (Driggers) and “Love and Honor in Jackson’s White House” (Rice).

Marybeth McDonnell’s paper on Pope John Paul II showed his devotion to God and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

These four papers were researched during the spring semester of History 300.

Nick Williams, working with mentor Dr. Tom Bragg, reviewed the literary deathless love in “From Un-death to Life: Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies.

The Carolina Emerging Scholars Association holds an annual conference for¬†individuals with a passion for learning and exchanging ideas. ¬†The group’s goals of spreading the desire to engage and critically analyze works of literature stems from the University of South Carolina’s challenging academics and vested interest in seeing their students flourish.