Professor John Peek was sworn in for his fifth and final tour of duty with the United States Coast Guard. Peek began his career in the reserve program in 1989 as a port security specialist at Marine Safety Office Charleston. He also served at Sector Charleston as a marine science technician before transferring in 2012 to Sector Wilmington, North Carolina where he currently is the chief of the Response Division.

During his 26 year career Peek has been recalled to extended active duty of four separate occasions. He was first recalled in 1990 in support of Operation Desert Shield. On September 14, 2001 Peek was one of the first reservist to be recalled by Marine Safety Office Charleston following the terrorist attacks on our country on September 11,2001. In 2002 Peek was briefly recalled twice in preparation for the war in Iraq. During this period Peek completed the Coast Guard maritime law enforcement training course for use of force and weapon retention, self-defense tactics, hostage situations, arrest techniques, and physical fitness drills. In February 2003 Peek was recalled for two years under Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following his call up in 2003 Peek was selected to attend specialized training at Yorktown, Virginia and in Houston, Texas as a result of the signing of the Maritime Security Act by President Bush in November 2002. His class was the first to complete training and be qualified by the Coast Guard as a maritime security specialist. Upon certification, Peek was assigned to a brief tour of duty at the MTSA security headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas where he reviewed waterside facility security plans for facilities in the Port of Charleston.

Peek also has served on multiple short term operations as a reservist as he was a regular participant of the port security team in Jacksonville, Florida that escorted prepositioned ships in and out of the Port of Jacksonville in the 1990’s. During his time in Jacksonville, Peek served as an explosive load supervisor and crewman for the Coast Guard security escort small boat. In 1992 Peek was assigned duty in Miami, Florida following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. In 1994 Peek was selected to be an original member of the Coast Guard Sea Partner Program which is an environmental educational type program to the general public. In 2001 Peek was selected by Coast Guard Headquarters to be part of the team to take this program on the national level. Over the next eight years Peek represented the Coast Guard at Sea Partner events held in Cleveland, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon and in St. John’s, New Brunswick.