How do I access VIP?

Check out our VIP Tutorial for information about VIP and its functions.

What are your admission deadlines ?

USC Salkehatchie does not have a formal application deadline, and we will work with students to get you admitted and enrolled up until the day classes begin. However, we recommend that you apply and have all admissions materials to us at least one month prior to classes beginning, in order to have access to the most class options. The earlier you are accepted, the earlier you can be advised and enroll in classes, without worrying about classes reaching capacity.

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

All students under 25 years of age must have taken the SAT or ACT and have those scores sent to USC Salkehatchie. A minimum score is not required for admission to the campus, but a score must be on file before students can register for their first semester. Test scores may impact requirements for transfer to other USC campuses, as students with lower SAT/ACT scores may be required to complete 30 semester hours before changing campus.

What about transcripts?

We must receive a copy of your final, official high school transcript or GED, as well as transcripts for any other academic work you have completed, such as at another college or technical school. Those institutions can send transcripts directly to us – please contact them and ask them to do so.

How do I apply to USC Salkehatchie?

New students in the USC system can apply online or use a paper application from our office. Call 1-800-922-5500 for an admissions packet. If you are coming to us from another USC campus, please fill out a Change of Campus form in your school’s admissions office.

Can textbooks be purchased early?

Yes, textbooks can be purchased early!  In fact, we encourage it!  The bookstore makes every effort to have textbooks on hand before classes start so students may purchase used books first!

Why do the prices of textbooks change at times during the same semester?

At the time of ordering, the bookstore has no control over the publishers price.  If the bookstore sells out and makes a reorder of the same textbook, the price could go up or down, depending on demand.

Are textbooks kept semester/year round?

No, textbooks are returned to the publishers within the allotted time the publishers provide the bookstore at the time of ordering.

When is the last day to return textbooks to the bookstore for a refund?

At the time of purchase, a return policy slip is provided to students that show our return policy and the last day to return textbooks for a refund.

When is the Book Buy Back?

Usually, the Book Buy Back is held at the end of each spring and fall semester.  We coordinate with the publisher on the dates the Book Buy Back will be held at both, the West and East Campuses.

How long will it take my financial aid to come in?

You need to check with the financial aid office, as it depends on your individual situation.

How can I get holds taken off of my record?

If the hold is placed because you owe a balance, it will not be removed until the balance is paid in full.


If I have a balance due can I set up a payment plan?

We do not set up  payment plans for past due balances.  You just pay what you can when you can until it is paid in full.


What is the deferment plan and how does it work?

We take 25% of the balance due at fee payment for spring and fall semesters and break the remaining balance into payments of 25% each.  For summer semester we take 50% at fee payment and the remaining is due the following month.


When can I get my financial aid overage?

We disperse overage checks on fee payment day and anytime after that.


Q: Can I really earn a 4 year nursing degree at USC Salkehatchie?

A:  Yes.  Through a partnership with the University of South Carolina College of Nursing in Columbia, USC Salkehatchie is able to offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to our top 16 students each year.  At the conclusion of the program, successful participants earn a USC Columbia BSN degree and are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Q: Will I be a USC Salkehatchie or USC Columbia student?

A:  Program participants are USC Salkehatchie students for the first 2 years while completing prerequisite courses on the suggested nursing curriculum, then become a USC Columbia student once accepted into the Upper Division to complete the last 2 years of the program.  While a USC Salkehatchie student, participants pay USC Salkehatchie’s tuition, yet once accepted in the Upper Division and become a USC Columbia student, participants pay USC Columbia’s tuition rates.  Although a USC Columbia student, participants remain physically on the USC Salkehatchie campus (Allendale or Walterboro) to complete Upper Division course work and clinical experiences.

Q: How many students are accepted into the Upper Division and how competitive is the program?

A:  Currently, we accept up to 16 students each year into the Upper Division portion of the program.  The number of applicants varies each year and progression is based solely on GPA in designated courses as outlined by the USC College of Nursing (see bolded courses on the Sample BSN Curriculum Plan).  Competitiveness varies from year to year and is based on the number of applicants and the GPA of each applicant.  The average progression GPA during the 2015 application period (those progressing to the Upper Division in Fall 201) was a 3.6.

Q: How are courses delivered throughout the Upper Division portion of the program?

A:  Upper Division courses are taught by USC Columbia College of Nursing professors via various methodologies.  The most common form of course delivery is online, via Adobe Connect.  Students can choose to attend Adobe Connect classes from home or from the Allendale or Walterboro campus nursing lab.  Students must be present and online for these classes at a designated day and time.  Students sign in to class via a specified website and communicate with professors via a real-time, online method.  Several Upper Division courses are solely online, where students complete coursework at their own pace, yet within specific time frames designated by the professor.  Live labs accompany several of the Upper Division courses (such as Assessment), where students have an opportunity to practice skills and apply information learned in class.  Tests for Adobe Connect classes are completed on the student’s campus of choice (Allendale or Walterboro) with a proctor present.

Q: How much travel is involved?

A:  One of the objectives of the USC Salkehatchie Rural Nursing Initiative is to provide local students the ability to gain the same educational experiences and degree opportunities as students attending and living on the USC Columbia campus with as little travel as possible.  Students in the USC Salkehatchie cohorts of the Upper Division attend the majority of clinical and clinically-related experiences within the Salkehatchie region (Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Colleton, and Hampton counties).  For specialty areas such as Pediatrics and Obstetrics, some travel to Columbia and/or Charleston may be necessary, but this may vary from semester to semester.  We strive to keep students’ travel outside of the Salkehatchie region to a minimum.

Q: When is the application for the Upper Division due and when am I eligible to apply?

A:  There is one Upper Division application process each year.  The application becomes available via the USC College of Nursing website around Thanksgiving each year and is typically due by the first week of December.  The time in which the Upper Division application becomes available and the link to the application are communicated to students by Rural Nursing Initiative Administration via email.


For students who remain on the suggested nursing curriculum, students are eligible to apply to the Upper Division in the first semester of their sophomore year, and are eligible to progress to the Upper Division when all required Lower Division courses have been completed and the student’s GPA is >3.0 in courses designated by the USC College of Nursing (see BSN Curriculum Plan).  Participants must earn a grade of C or better in all required courses to count toward the BSN degree and cannot earn more than one below C grade in any science or nursing course (this deems a student ineligible to progress in the nursing curriculum).


Q: Will the courses taken at my current and/or previous college(s) transfer into the USC system?

A:  Oftentimes, courses from other colleges do transfer into the USC system, however this cannot be guaranteed by the student’s advisor until an official transcript has been provided to the USC Salkehatchie Admission office.  For further information on transfer credits, students can visit the following website:

Q: Are part-time and full-time options available?

A:  Students may choose to be part-time while completing Lower Division courses yet must be enrolled full-time and complete courses in a pre-determined sequence while in the Upper Division.

Q: What if my GPA is below a 3.0?

A:  If a student is enrolled at USC Salkehatchie as an intended nursing major and his/her GPA falls below a 3.0 in designated courses, he/she will be placed on probation for one major semester or 12 credit hours.  If by the end of the probationary semester, the student’s GPA is >3.0, the student may remain on the nursing curriculum.  If the student does not raise his/her GPA to a >3.0 by the end of the probationary semester, it is recommended that the student change his/her major.  Nursing advisors, however, will work one-on-one with students to map out a plan of action, whether it is to remain on the nursing curriculum and attempt to raise his/her GPA, transfer to another institution, or change his/her major.

Q: I am an RN looking to earn my BSN. Is this program right for me?

A:  This is a traditional BSN program and is not intended as an RN-BSN program.  If you are currently an RN looking to advance your education and obtain a BSN, please contact our Palmetto College advisor, Melissa Hooks, who can assist you in applying to our RN-BSN option through USC Upstate.  More information on Palmetto College as well as Melissa Hooks’ contact information may be found at

Q: How do I apply to USC Salkehatchie?

A:  You may submit a paper application or apply online.  Follow this link for application instructions and additional information:

Q: If I still have questions, who can I contact?

A:  For additional questions, any of the following USC Salkehatchie Rural Nursing Initiative faculty/staff members will be glad to assist you:


April Cone, MSN Ed., RN – Academic Program Manager

(803) 584-3446 ext. 229 or (843) 549-6314 ext. 370


April Capers – Administrative Assistant

(803) 584-3446 ext. 235


Shelli Gibbs, MSN, RN – Clinical Assistant Professor

(843) 549-6314 ext. 360

What if I received financial aid and need to withdraw or drop classes?

Check with the Financial Aid Office because dropping courses or withdrawing can result in your having to pay back a portion of Financial Aid funding received and can affect your ability to receive Financial Aid in the future. If you still plan to drop or withdraw, follow the instructions in your schedule.

What if the book for one of my classes isn’t in the bookstore ?

Don’t panic. If the bookstore runs out of books, they order more right away. In a matter of days, you’ll have your book. Just make sure the folks in the bookstore know which book you’ll need.

Who helps me drop or add a class?

You may drop or add a class on the Web. Do not just stop going to that class or that could result in an F. Consult with your advisor and follow the instructions in your schedule to drop or add on the Web.

I am a veteran. Who do I see to be certified for my benefits?

Julie Hadwin is the certification officer for the Salkehatchie campus. See her on Fee Payment Day or before, or call her as soon as possible, and she will process certification forms.

Who do I see if my financial aid is not in by the time school starts?

Come to Fee Payment Day and speak with a financial aid staff member. There are several alternatives, but you must come in to see Financial Aid and get some kind of form to take to the Business Office, or you will not be able to attend classes. Remember, there are alternatives and we will work with you.

Where do I get a parking sticker?

They are on sale at Fee Payment Day. After that, you may purchase them from the Business Office on either campus.

How do I pay my tuition after registration day?

Visit the Business Office on either campus to pay. You must pay by the end of the first week of class in order to attend classes.

How do I correct an error on my class schedule?

If there is an error that you can not fix on the Web, then see Carmen Brown, Marian Easterlin or Jane Brewer in the Admissions Office on West Campus (Allendale). Visit the main office on East Campus (Walterboro). Tell them the problem. They’ll help you straighten it out.

How do I register for classes?

As soon as the current schedule is posted on the web, you can make an appointment with your advisor to sign up for your classes. If you do not know who your advisor is, or you are a new student, call the Admissions Office on West Campus (Allendale) at 584-3446 or toll-free at 1-800-922-5500; or on East Campus (Walterboro) call the main office at 549-6314 for an advisement appointment. Take a copy of the advisement form to the admissions office in Allendale or the main office in Walterboro to have the advisement hold removed. You will be responsible for registering yourself on the Web. NOTE: You can not register for classes on the Web until your ADMISSIONS IS FINAL. If a class that you selected fills up while you are finalizing your admissions, you will need to see your advisor about another class.