All grants must be submitted electronically using the USCERA system (USCERA = University of South Carolina Electronic Research Administration).

Before a proposal is written, the Principal Investigator (PI) or department must contact the grants manager (Suzanne Goodson, Ext. 197) to determine if another department has applied or is applying for that grant.

Once clearance is received and the grant is written, the proposal must be submitted electronically using USCERA. Contact the grants manager with questions and for details on using USCERA.

When the proposal has been electronically submitted, it will go first to the Dean for approval and then to the grants manager for final approval before being submitted to Columbia to Sponsored Awards Management (SAM). A proposal cannot be submitted without the approval of the Dean and grant manager through USCERA.

The grants manager should be notified once the Principal Investigator receives notification of the award or rejection of a proposal.

Notification of an award is usually made to Sponsored Awards Management. When SAM receives the notification, it issues an account number for the grant to the grants manager. An account number has to be issued before work on a grant can begin. However, if extenuating circumstances occur, the PI should contact the grants manager to see if a risk account can be set up.

Once the grant account number is issued, the PI must meet with the grants manager to initiate grant activities, including payroll documents, travel authorization, and other necessary documents.

All financial and other necessary documents related to grants must be approved with the signature of the grants manager before being submitted to the business office.