Federal regulations require that you must ATTEND the classes for which aid is awarded. To ensure compliance with these financial aid guidelines, a new process has been implemented for students receiving financial aid overage (refund) checks beginning fall semester 2012. Financial aid overages (refunds) will be direct deposited after your fees have been Self Service Carolina and after class attendance has been verified by your instructor(s).

Verification of Attendance is the process of having your professor indicate whether or not you have been in attendance. Verification of attendance will be handled between the professors and the financial aid office directly; you do not need to request this from the professors.  If you are NOT verified in attendance by faculty, your aid may be reduced or cancelled. Verification of attendance will take place in the first week of the class period.

Financial Aid Overage (Refund) availability:

Direct Deposit                                                 September 3, 2013

Book Purchases

Financial aid disbursements begin the second week of each semester, so students will not receive their financial aid refunds to buy books until then.    Students may obtain a book deferment and charge the books to their student account in the campus bookstore.  You may charge books and supplies in the bookstore beginning  August 15, 2012 through close of business on August 29, 2012.

After the Verification of Attendance funds used for the bookstore charges or advance will be subtracted from the financial aid overage (refund).  In the event financial aid is canceled or reduced for non-verified attendance, the student becomes fully responsible for paying the debt.


Note:  Spring and Summer 2013 dates will be posted on campus in October.