Joey Hughes

Joey Hughes, Director of Recruiting

My name is Joey Hughes and I am proud to be Director of Recruiting at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie. I grew up in North Augusta, S .C. and have had the pleasure of traveling and living all over this great state.

I graduated from our Columbia campus in 2005 with a B.A. in psychology.  I have personal experiences on different campuses such as technical schools, small colleges, regional universities and major universities.  Each type of institution has its pros and cons and it is my goal to help you make the best choice for YOU.

Our motto at USC Salkehatchie is “Start Here.  Go Anywhere.”  I believe that having a firm foundation, not only in school, but in life, is essential to helping you develop into the amazing person you were created to be. No matter what walk of life you choose, USC Salkehatchie can be the gateway to achieving your greatest dream.

If you are interested in taking a tour of our campuses, please contact me so we can schedule a time for your visit.   Please contact me with any questions at 803-584-3446 ext. 259 or send me an email at

I am more than happy to help you in any way you may need. Please feel free to contact me with questions, and if I cannot answer them, I will get you in touch with the right person, no matter which campus you are considering!  I hope to hear from you soon.


Hannah Langdale - Recruiter

Hannah Langdale – Admissions Counselor

Hi! My name is Hannah Langdale, and I am an admissions counselor  for the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie. I joined the Department of Recruiting in 2013; however, Salkehatchie is not a new place to me. I became a University of South Carolina alumna in May 2012, after earning a B.A. in Organizational Leadership. The four years I spent as a student at Salkehatchie are full of memories that will last me a lifetime. As a former student, I know firsthand the benefits of choosing to attend Salkehatchie.  I also know that choosing a college can be an exciting, but overwhelming process. As a recruiter, I am here to assist you in making the best possible choice for your educational future.

There are many benefits of choosing to further your education at USC Salkehatchie. Salkehatchie offers small class sizes, affordable tuition rates, several athletic programs, as well as an all-around exciting campus atmosphere. As a college student preparing to enter the workforce, it is important for you to feel well prepared for your future. My experience at Salkehatchie, not only equipped me for success, but also instilled the confidence and knowledge I needed to purse my career goals.

If you choose to attend USC Salkehatchie you will be given the opportunity  to grow as a person,  attend a school with a small town feel,  become involved with campus organizations, and expand your knowledge base – all while receiving a first-class education! I would like the chance to share more with you about my personal experiences at Salkehatchie, as well as to show you around our beautiful campus. I work primarily with students who are interested in attending the East (Walterboro) Campus, but I am happy to assist any student who has an interest in our University.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a campus tour by calling 843-549-6314 ext. 331, or by emailing me at I am excited to help you further your education at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie!


My name is E. C. Hazel and I am an admissions counselor at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken in May 2013 with a B.A. in History. During my four years at USC Aiken, I became involved campus activities, which made my college experience one I will never forget.

But I am no stranger to USC Salkehatchie.   I took dual enrollment classes at Salkehatchie while in high school and  a summer class after my first year of college. While taking classes at Salkehatchie, I was able to become familiar with the benefits that it has to offer.

USC Salkehatchie offers small class sizes, affordable tuition rates, several athletic programs and a “family” like atmosphere.    Best of all, you can start here and go anywhere! Starting college on the right foot  prepares you not only for the rest of your collegiate career, but for life after graduation.  I believe that USC Salkehatchie can get you started no matter what direction you are headed in life. While attending college I learned that you get out of college what you put in it, so make the best of your college experience and you will be forever grateful.

As an admissions counselor, it is my job to help you make those first steps in furthering your education. I work mostly with students who are interested in attending our Allendale (West) campus, but will be glad to help anyone interested in attending either campus. If you’d like to learn more about USC Salkehatchie, schedule a campus tour or just have general questions regarding Salkehatchie, feel free to give me a call at 803-584-3446 ext. 131, or just shoot me an email at I look forward to helping you take that first step in your education.