Palmetto College was created to enable place-bound students to complete selected baccalaureate degrees without leaving the Regional Campuses or the comfort of their own home.  The use of distance education including online platforms provides baccalaureate-level courses to students whose family or employment obligations prevent them from relocating to complete a degree.

Through Palmetto College, the University of South Carolina leads the way for South Carolinians to have an affordable, convenient way to take advantage of new jobs, promotions or salary increases that require a four-year bachelor’s degree.

A recent study by researchers in USC’s Darla Moore School of Business shows that bachelor’s degrees provide a lifetime of better earnings for individuals and communities. South Carolina residents with bachelors’ degrees earn an average of $15,000 more per year than high school graduates. In fact, all salaries in a community rise when the number of college graduates increases.

Whether you want a flexible degree with open career options, like our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, or education specific training, like a nursing or criminal justice degree, we have options for you.

There are Seven (7) Bachelor Degrees offered by Palmetto College:

Business Administration

Criminal Justice

Elementary Education

Human Services

Liberal Studies

Organizational Leadership

RN-BSN Nursing

For information on Palmetto College and the degrees offered, contact Melissa Tomlinson Hooks ( USC Salkehatchie’s Palmetto College Program Coordinator.