The highest academic officer on the Salkehatchie campus is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (“Academic Dean”). The faculty is organized in four divisions: Social Sciences, Arts and Languages, Mathematics and Science, and Professional Studies.

The division of Social Sciences includes the disciplines of geography, government, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology. The division of Arts and Languages includes the disciplines of art, English, foreign languages, music, speech, and theater. The division of Mathematics and Science includes the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and statistics. The division of Professional Studies includes the disciplines of accounting, business administration, computer science, economics, education, nursing, office administration, and physical education.


Academic Dean: Dr. Aaron Ard Phone: 803 584-3446 or 843 549-6314

Chair of Social Sciences: Carmela V. Gottesman, Ph.D. Phone: 803 584-3446 or 843 549-6314

Chair of Arts and Languages: C. Bryan Love, Ph.D., Phone: 803 584-3446 or 843 549-6314

Chair of Mathematics and Science: Eran Kilpatrick, Ph.D. Phone: 803 584-3446 or 843 549-6314

Chair of Professional Studies:  John Peek, M.S. Phone: 803 584-3446 or 843 549-6314


Academic ethical behavior is essential for an institution dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and learning. The University of South Carolina is committed to fostering a university environment which exemplifies the values embodied in the Carolinian Creed.