The following information is provided as a guideline when there is a need to reserve space for campus events or groups:

West (Allendale) Campus

  • To reserve the  Atrium in Science/Administration Building,  the Library Conference Room,  or any classroom, please contact April Capers at
  • To reserve the Dean’s Conference Room or the Conference Center contact Margaret Carter at
  • To reserve the Conference Room in the Education Building on Spruce Street contact Cierra Sanders at
  • To reserve the Conference Room in the Leadership Institute contact Anne Rice at or Suzanne Goodson at

East (Walterboro) Campus

  • To reserve any classroom or meeting room contact Sheila Smoak in Walterboro by e-mail at
  • To reserve the Gym contact Jane Brewer by e-mail at

To avoid miscommunication, requests must be submitted in writing; e-mail is preferable. The requests should include the following information:

  1. Group using facility and time of event, including starting and ending time.
  2. Any special set-up instructions regarding tables, chairs, podiums, and equipment should be submitted in the form of an electronic work order to Andy Sandifer (for Brenda Hightower) in Allendale and Sheila Smoak in Walterboro. Please also include what time you would prefer that the air or heat be turned on, based on any anticipated change in the weather.
  3. The person scheduling the event should make certain that the switchboards have the details of events involving non-USC participants, in the event that they receive inquiries for directions or confirmation of times. Please send switchboard information to Amy Stanley for Allendale campus events and to Sheila Smoak for Walterboro campus events. Also, send information to April Capers for campus calendar.
  4. Once the event has concluded, the name of the person responsible for cutting off lights and heating/cooling units and clean up, unless other arrangements have been made in advance of the meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation.